Red Stones and Lagoons

               Crossing Tambillo, short stop at Toconao and Socaire, stop at the Tropic of Capricorn then head to the Tuyajto watchtower then head north to have lunch in an unforgettable setting. After the meal and a short walk, visit the Salar de Talar with an hour's walk to meet its famous Red Stones.

 L'ordre des visites peut être modifié à tout moment par le guide selon les circonstances.

               On the way back, visit to the lagoons of Miniques and Miscanti for some photos and return to San Pedro. Along the way you will meet many vicunas, some guanacos and rheas and with a little luck vizcachas and foxes You will meet an abundant flora, many plants such as chachacoma, ricarica and get to know the "puna" so rich in food for highland animals.


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